Free hosting: What do you have to consider?

free web hosting

3 Best Free Web Hosting Sites (2020)

There are currently many cheap hosting  that you can use to create your website. But you may be looking for free hosting because your budget is zero  or because you simply want to experiment with web hosting without costing you anything.

So you can take advantage of these free web hosting offers  I have tracked the market and I bring you the ones that I like the most.

But first let me make a couple of comments about the limitations of free hosting without advertising, so you know what to expect from these:

  • Limited web space : Most free hosting offers have a very limited web space limit; If you plan to create a more or less large website, it will not be enough.
  • Limited bandwidth : The visitors you can receive are normally limited with free web hosting. This means that if you have a project that receives a lot of audience your website will stop working if you exceed this limit or you will be forced to pay.
  • Precarious speed : Normally the speed offered by this type of free hosting is very improved, if you want your website to go fast it is better to hire a paid hosting such as SiteGround  or A2 Hosting .
  • Up-time dangerous : The up-time  (or availability) measures the interruptions in the service of your server. In my experience, this type of free hosting is well below 99.95% up-time . That means that your website will be down for a long time and neither your visitors nor Google will like a hair.
  • Very improvable support : Although some providers offer support even with their free hosting plans, in my experience, this has been very improved and it is very possible that they do not end up solving your problem.
  • Domain name : It is not possible to have  free hosting and domain, to take advantage of this type of web hosting you will have to get a domain name on your own or hire one with them.

It is very normal that these free web hosting services present these limitations, after all they are private companies that aspire to have benefits and giving you service incur an expense, so they limit very much what you can do with their free plans.


When to use a free hosting and when not?

As you can imagine, using a free hosting to host your website is not always a good option.

  • Recommended for : Personally I would refrain from using this type of hosting, in the market you can find very cheap offers (eg, SiteGround  or A2 Hosting ) that bring notable improvements in performance. But if what you want is to experiment with a hosting, you are not worried about not having the best rankings  on Google and you have no budget, free web hosting can be an alternative to consider.
  • NOT recommended for : If you have a professional (or serious) project in hand that you need to offer visitors the best use experiences and have good rankings on Google. Bad speed and low availability seriously harm the SEO (web positioning) of websites, and Google will put you at the end of the queue. So if you are thinking of creating a page for a business, a professional blog ( more information ), an eCommerce or similar, it is better to look for an alternative to free hosting.

As an alternative to free hosting is cheap web hosting  that despite not offering the best performance is a level above that of free web hosting. Although if you want a solvent hosting for the best results, check out the following ranking .


000webhost – Available 23  hours a day


This company is based in Cyprus although its workers are spread across the world. At the time of writing this post, this free hosting, hosts more than 16 million websites, an achievement.

You can have up to 2 websites and they are not stingy with the web space since you have up to 1 GB with them. In addition, they have a monthly data transfer limit that is not bad, 10 GB. If you decide to host your website with them, keep in mind that they will disconnect your website 1 hour each day and your visitors will not be able to find you. Try 000Webhost


X10hosting – Unlimited space and traffic


It is a web hosting from the United States with which you can have unlimited space and data transfer, without a doubt, the most generous free hosting. It is a free hosting for WordPress since it will allow you to install WordPress and many other similar tools. In addition, it has a community of more than 700,000 users with whom you can learn. Try X10hosting


5GB Free – Up to 5 GB of space and 3 websites


This is another generous free hosting provider. You will have up to 5 GB of web space and 20 GB of monthly data transfer. It is possible to install WordPress easily and limit the number of databases to 3; That’s why you can’t have more than 3 websites with them. Although you do not have personalized support with the free plan, you can access the support through a forum made available to users who use the free plan. Visit 5FB Free



Free WordPress Hosting: What alternatives exist?

With most of the hosting we have mentioned above you can use WordPress. Many of them are based on cPanel and installing WordPress is really simple. But of course, if you want advanced web hosting functions such as test environments or custom-made cache plugins for hosting you will have to value hiring higher profile hosting  specially designed to use WordPress.

If you are looking for a cheap (but serious) alternative with which to use WordPress I suggest you take a look at SiteGround  or A2 Hosting .


Latest thoughts

As we have seen, it is possible to have your website hosted on a server without paying a cent. In some cases they even offer unlimited space and traffic. But the truth is that the quality of these hosting is usually improved and does not offer the best speed or the best availability; This will end up impacting (negatively) on your project.

Another aspect that these types of free hosting do not work very much is the support and help because they usually take a long time to answer and do not always end up solving the problem you may have.

That is why I would advise you to use a professional hosting  if you have a serious project or want the best performance and decent help. But of course, not everyone has a budget of more than € 75 a year to get a good shared hosting, if that is your case, take a look at the cheaper hosting  that offer better performance.

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