Better way to Learn Web Development


There’s a good way to learn, now there’s a better one.

Have you ever sped through a lesson, and then realized hours later that you don’t remember a word of it? That’s because how you learn coding skills is just as important as what you learn.

With so much new technical information coming at you, it can be hard to take a step back and ask questions like:
“When’s the right time to review concepts I’ve already learned?”
“What should applying my skills outside of Techvila web development – web hosting look like?”

Answering these questions is the key to retaining and applying your coding skills for years to come. So, for the next ten days, we’ll be sharing advice on how to learn from people who’ve been in your shoes.

What to Expect

You’ll hear from professional developers and designers, instructors with big YouTube followings, and more. They’ll provide tips on overcoming some of the most common learning obstacles, like making time for coding, getting back into it after a long break, and breaking down big goals so they feel more manageable.

They’ll also give you a peek at new Pro tools designed to help you practice and apply your learning, like projects you can build on your own computer and new ways to review what you’ve learned.