CDN in Bangladesh

cdn Bangladesh

Amazon’s research shows that if their site is only 100 milliseconds slow, it will lose 1% of its customers. It’s a simple thing to do now that the sales conversion of websites that are fast will be good, for example, we can catch the e-cab techvila member. Think about how you’ll have to get into the market if their site is a little slow.

How do they make such a good speed canteen?
Development Quality, Hosting is definitely a major factor but when you open one of their images on the new tab you will see the image loading from cdn .

What is this CDN?

CDN is Content Delivery Network, which is the work of all static files on your site such as images, css, JS, etc. to load from your customer’s nearest server.

You also use AWS Cloud hosting, but if you don’t use CDN, it may take more than 200ms for each file to load these files on the customer’s device. And it’ll take a long time to load the total site.

Benefits of CDN use:

1. Customer experience will be good
2. Your main hosting server will be less pressure-free to reduce the cost of hosting3. You can rank well on Google.4. Using the flower site CDN will protect the site from DDOS or the non-secure risk.5. It won’t be difficult to handle the high traffic on the site by hooting because the CDN server’s crash will serve the site.

Now, what if you use one OF a CDN?

The answer is no! Because CDN’s job is to show the site from the nearest server to the user. Bangladesh’s maximum e-commerce site is still using AWS Cloudfront CDN. That’s a file server from India/Singapore, so AWS latency is still very much in our country so it doesn’t get much. Besides, AWS costs a lot.

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